Welcome to The Secret Garden… 

Welcome to The Secret Garden… a place where it’s okay to be shy and great to be different. We’re a community of art-lovers gathered to share, learn, and entertain. Our members are joined by common interests and united under a single mission: to make the world a better place.

For thousands of years, flowers have been used to symbolize emotions and mark special occasions. Their importance and meaning transcends borders, cultures, and generations.

Wall Flowers give creators and collectors a new way of expressing themselves in our digital world.

How To Grow A Wall Flower

Wall Flower Seeds are not yet available for purchase. For early access info, please join us on Discord or follow us on social media.

Step #1 - Plant a Seed

The moment you mint a Wall Flower we’ll plant your seed in a randomly generated NFT container.

Step #2 - Grow Your Flower

Each seed is 100% unique with a set of traits that can only be nurtured to full bloom with your care. As your flower grows,  you’ll collect $POWER that can be used to unlock features and influence the garden.

Step #3 - Enjoy Fresh Air

Fully grown Wall Flowers produce a breath of fresh $AIR every day, which can be redeemed for exclusive Airdrops and extras within the Wall Flower community.

The Garden of Genesis

Wall Flowers are created from a set of unique traits found in original artworks by our team of collaborators. Each artist contributes one single flower to the Genesis Garden. These original pieces, called Wild Flowers, will be used to generate Wall Flower seeds with randomized characteristics.

This constantly evolving Genesis collection may grow new flowers as the seasons change… and others may be plucked and preserved forever.

Meet The Wild Flowers

We celebrate each artist who contributes a Wild Flower to the Garden by sharing their story and promoting their work. Artists are carefully selected to ensure their values align with our mission.

Making the world a better place

Our mission is to make the world a better place through the power of art and nature both indoors and outdoors. A minimum of 20% of proceeds go to charities supporting our mission!

INDOORS – Scientific research shows that indoor plants can play a role in mental health and medical studies have proven the potential for art to promote healing. Our goal is to bring both IRL plants and Wall Flowers to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and other safe havens where they can improve the lives of those in need.

OUTDOORS – Mother Nature is under attack by a growing amount of trash and litter in our communities. Our charitable fund will donate to local grass roots programs that aim to beautify disadvantaged neighborhoods while improving trash and recycling collection systems.

Our preferred philanthropic launch partners are Snow City Arts in Chicago and John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.