The Greenhouse - VIP FEEDBACK

I’m collecting initial feedback on the WF concept from a few trusted people. You’re one of them. Please don’t share the link with others! The success of Wall Flowers will largely hinge on the participation of artists, which begs the question…

Why should artists get involved?

Fun & Easy
Creating Wild Flowers is supposed to be a fun activity that reflects your personality. You can spend as little or as much time as you want creating it- from a few minutes to a few hours. It’s 100% up to you! I’ll explain more about creating a Wild Flower below.

Community & Charity
It sounds cliche, but I am truly inspired by the project’s mission for personal reasons and I’m happy to explain further to each of you individually (just ask me!).

Exposure & Promotion
We’ll work with each Wild Flower artist to promote themselves — their art, projects, causes, and personal brand — in a variety of ways according to their preferences.

  • Every Wild Flower will have a dedicated profile, explaining the traits with any special notes the artist wants to include.
  • Wild Flower profiles can include a written article/interview with the artist, including links to their own projects and pages.
  • Recorded audio/video Interviews can also be conducted, published, and repurposed for various social media accounts (Twitter Spaces, YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, FB, Insta, etc). This is optional and based on your comfort/interest level!

We hope to grow the project organically, but we also recognize that “exposure” to an audience of zero is worthless, so we’ll set aside a small budget to boost social media posts, ensuring we attract some eyeballs.

This is where feedback is sorely needed. As the project grows the value of exposure will increase, but early on that means nothing. In fact, the opposite will happen: the project will benefit from exposure to the artist’s network of followers. Even with limited resources, I know we need to find ways to fairly incentivize and motivate artists to become partners.

A few idea starters:

  • Should Wild Flowers go on sale immediately, on a rolling basis, to slowly attract a following over time as the project builds? Or would it make more sense to hold all Wild Flowers for one big launch/sale where all artists could post/share simultaneously?
  • Would sharing the revenue from Wild Flower sales 50/50 feel like a fair incentive?
  • Would you want to set the price of your own Wild Flower?
  • What if we set a floor, did a Dutch auction, and if the floor wasn’t achieved the Wild Flower would be transferred to the artist’s wallet?
  • Could royalties on resales be an attractive incentive?
  • Any other ideas or input on what would motivate you to participate in Wild Flowers?

If none of this interests you and you would REQUIRE an upfront payment, can you explain how much it would cost for your time and energy?

Roadmap & Time Table
There are too many ideas to share in one place and no set timetable for various stages of the project. The success of the Wall Flowers project depends on the success of Wild Flowers, so we’ll focus solely on partnering with interesting artists, sharing their story, building trust, and attracting a following.

When the time and conditions are right, we’ll stop adding new Wild Flowers to The Secret Garden, using the proceeds to bring Wall Flowers to life (ex: dev team for smart contract).

How To Make A Wild Flower

Every Wild Flower has the following elements/layers:

  • Wall (Paint + Wallpaper + Window + Surface + Setting)
  • Flower (Body + Head + Face + Expression + Branches)
  • Extras (Lucky Charms + Frame + TBD)
  • Name
These are the step-by-step instructions for artists…

Select any #HEX to serve as your primary background color.

Select any #HEX to serve as a secondary color. Use it to create stylized patterns atop your paint.

Window (optional)
Hide the “Wallpaper” layer and create whatever background you’d like. Whatever inspires you. It could be a beautifully realistic outdoor setting. It could be something random, crazy, and abstract. It could be simple polka dots or stripes. Create whatever you’d like- this is a window to your own heart and mind.

Surface (optional)
Limited to the bottom 20% of the image (ex: wood table on which the flower sits)

Setting (optional)
Add any objects or designs to place in front of the wall but behind the flower/surface.

The flower’s body MUST connect the bottom of the image with the Flower’s “head” placeholder to ensure consistency across Wild Flowers (and then Wall Flowers). The simplest example would be a flower stem… but again- your imagination is the only limit.

The bulk of the flower. What you’d typically consider “petals” on a traditional flower.

Face (optional)
The center of the flower’s head to contain Expression.

Expression (optional)
Human-like qualities added to the face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.)

Branches (optional)
The “arms” of the flower (2 layers: left and right)

Lucky Charms (optional)
Hidden ornamental additions with symbolic meaning. Can be located in 7 places (left surface, right surface, left branch, right branch, left background, middle background, right background).

Any Wild Flower can have Lucky Charms in the Background but to have surface charms or branch charms, you must include the optional surface or branch layer.

Frame (optional)
Picture frame to surround the border of the design.

Every Wild Flower needs a name, based on its traits, that will eventually be passed down to Wall Flowers. It’s a bit like a mad lib!


  • CHILL – Vibe Name 1 (adjective based on Wall)
  • FRANK – First Name (“real” name based on Head)
  • THE CACTUS – Title Name (adjective based on Body)
  • CRAZY – Personality (adjective based on Branches)

Alright... let's hear it!

Please don’t be polite.

Be honest.

Any and all feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated!